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To advise immigrant Iranian Nurses to get prepare for passing RN State Board Exam
So they will be able to work in this field which offers a lot of opportunities.


U.S.A. (1982 - 2000)

Iranian American Nurses Association, nonprofit organization ( California) started in 1982, with 13
founders, our meetings were last Wednesday of each month, 5-7 pm in Super Care Clinic, also we
had seminars with doctors which conducted by different specialist in their medical field.


  • In 1294 the first solar school of nursing was opened in the course for three years.
  • In 1314 the cities of Tabriz, Mashhad and Shiraz schools of Nursing was established.
  • In 1320 University of Tehran School of Nursing was inaugurated.
  • In 1335 Health ministry and developed educational programs for nursing used international experts and the first major nursing conference held in Tehran.
  • In 1338 first school of License Vocational nursing ( LVN - Behyari ) was established because the nursing manpower training results were not responsive to society's needs to compensate for this deficiency.
  • In June 1350 higher school of midwifery was established.
  • In 1353 Isfahan School of Nursing was inaugurated.
  • In 1354 Medical educational complex that includes Iranian Red Crescent
    Medicine – Nursing (registered nurse & License Vocational Nurse) - Midwifery was established.
  • Is required now trained Nurses in the Ph.D. level.    

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