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Clinical News Drugs
  1. Acupuncture Simulations Improve Low Back Pain
  2. Cocaine Vaccine Studied
  3. New Combination Pill for Hypertension
  4. Omega-3 Could Fight Advanced Prostate Cancer
  5. Stroke Patients Seeing Benefits of Botox
  6. Vision Loss Concerns with New Anti-Seizure Medication
  7. VCU Medical Center Tests Hand Hygiene Monitor
  8. Vitamin C Fends Off Gout in Men
  9. Weight-Loss Surgery / Benefit Pregnancy



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  1. Antidepressant Shown to Damage Sperm
  2. Certain Weight Loss Pills May Put Users Health At Risk
  3. Drug-Drug Interaction Concerns With Plavix
  4. FDA Requires New Warning on Botox Products
  5. FDA Warns of Acetaminophen Risks
  6. Expanded Use for HPV Vaccine
  7. New Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  8. New Internet Site to Promote Drug Safety
  9. Suicidal Concerns With Asthma Medication